Why choose Del Rose Commercial services?

Show Your Employees You Care About Them by Giving Them a Healthy, Immaculate Work Environment
Your employees give their best efforts for the success of your company, so give them the best in return – a workspace free of molds, dust, stains, coffee mug rings and streaks.

Additionally, an immaculate and polished office sends a statement of superior quality to all customers and clients visiting your company!

Del Rose Cleaning Service is Monmouth County’s impeccable provider of complete and professional commercial space detailing.

What Del Rose Cleaning Can Do for You
Del Rose Cleaning professionals provide a full indoor service with sanitary excellence as the primary goal.  We clean, sanitize and polish lobbies, reception areas, cubicles, stairways, executive suites, hallways, meeting rooms, high-traffic areas, kitchens and bathrooms. We do windows – and doors (revolving, glass and wood), brass railings, furniture (wood, glass, executive, clerical), fixtures and floors — and remove garbage in an environmentally friendly manner.

Break rooms/cafeterias and kitchens are thoroughly sanitized.  We pay special attention to sinks, counters, floors and appliances; stainless steel is just one area of specialty cleaning we accomplish.  Bathrooms are also subject to our rigorous detailing for health and shine – all bathroom items are fully stocked.

Your employees’ workspaces are handled with respect and care; vacuuming, dusting, polishing and scrubbing make their niches more comfortable – so they will be more productive!

If your company will be moving, we can complete a thorough cleaning and sanitizing for move-in or move-out – or both!

The Del Rose Cleaning Advantage
We first provide you with a full, detailed consultation for customized professional cleaning services.  We get to know your priorities, your atmosphere, and work habits of your staff.  We can clean during the day, or after everyone leaves.  Depending on your needs, Del Rose Cleaning can service your company on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule, or a combination.

We will work up a full checklist for you that you can refer to and for your records.  Del Rose Cleaning Services is also highly responsive.  Feel free to call with any questions, comments or problems; we will resolve all your concerns in less than 24 hours.

Del Rose Cleaning Services is fully insured.

The Del Rose Philosophy
Del Rose Cleaning Services was formed to provide commercial enterprises with superior indoor detailing for a fresh, healthy and immaculate environment.

Call today for your free consultation, (732) 780-7805.